What do your dreams mean? by our C1 Secondary Students

What do your dreams mean? by our C1 Secondary Students

Our C1 secondary students broke down some of the most common dreams and their meanings.  Take a look to learn about your subconscious!

Missing a flight or a bus:

It could have different meanings. Either you are worried about changes in your life or you don’t feel confident with your current situation.

Partner is cheating:

It is a common dream and when you wake up it is normal to accuse your partner of cheating on you.  It is related to your own low self-esteem or guilty conscious.

Showing up to school or work naked:

It reflects that you have feeling of shamefulness.  Maybe you’re hiding something and afraid others could know it.

Teeth falling out:

There are many different meanings.  It usually means you have a fear of becoming older or you have insecurities, especially about a personal loss.

Being in prison: 

It can be that you are trapped or limited in doing what you want or that you have complications in your emotional or spiritual situation.  Also, it could mean that you will have problems in the future and you need to apply more realistic thinking.

Lots of water:

You have to take into account the type of water formation you are surrounded by, the way the water made you feel and the location respect to the water.  For example, if you dream about taking a bath or a shower this may indicate a need to take care of yourself and undo stress.  If you dream about a flood you may be harbouring feeling of being emotionally overwhelmed.


It is the most frequent dream and a study says that you dream about this about 5 times in your life.  The reason is usually internal and external issues.  It is also common not falling from a building unless you fall into water.  It often signifies that you are insecure or as though you have no support.