12 Tips for the Speaking Part of B2 First Certificate and C1 Advanced

Cambridge English First

12 Tips for the Speaking Part of B2 First Certificate and C1 Advanced

Part 1

1. Go back to basics – make sure you can say basic things perfectly.  I like ….ing. I’m 30. I’m a teacher. Basic information.

Part 2

2. Answer two parts of the question. Compare = describe the similarities and differences.  Don’t describe the scene in detail. Look at the text to remind you of the question you have to answer.

3. Practise exactly how you’re going to start.  Learn phrases like however, while etc. to compare

4. Practice to get the timing right.

Part 2 and 3

5. Keep talking until they tell you to stop.

Part 3

6. Remember to let your partner speak, it’s a conversation, not a competition.

7. Start with: ‘Shall I start?’

8. Don’t just choose the best one.  Remember to move from one picture to the next, “shall we move on?” “What do you think about this one?

9. Don’t just say.. I think… all the time.  Other options: from my point of view, the way i see it, I’d say.., I suppose, in my view

Part 3 and 4

10. Learn lots of ways to say that you agree and disagree – for example.  That’s right. I agree. I couldn’t agree more.  I’m not sure about that.  I see what you mean but…

11. Disagree on purpose even if you agree.   Learn the phrase ‘So let’s agree to disagree’.


12. Practice and learn the exam format so that you don’t have to think about it… so you can concentrate on listening to the other person and speaking naturally.