St Patrick’s Day and Ireland

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St Patrick’s Day and Ireland


The English English Podcast S01E16

Glossary (in chronological order)

Missionaries- a person sent to promote Christianity in a foreign country
Monk- a member of a religious group living on vows of poverty, chastity, and
Mass- the ceremony held at church, usually on Sundays
Lent- the 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter observed by Roman Catholics
Shamrock- a small clover-like plant with three leaves, the symbol of Ireland
Starving- to be extremely hungry
Bagpipes- a wind instrument typical of Celtic culture
Culture shock- the feeling you get when experiencing a place or culture very
different than your own
Showers- referring to rain that comes and goes in small intervals
The Gift of the Gab- the art of speaking well or being a good speaker
Cliff- a steep rock face, usually near the sea

Listen and put the words above into the sentences below.

1) The pope sent ________________ to Ireland to bring everyone together.
2) St. Patrick was a British _________ sent to Ireland to do that.
3) People would go to ___________, or church.
4) Because often St. Patrick ’s Day is part of ___________, which is the 40 days
before Easter, the church gave a dispensation from the restrictions….
5) We only celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by wearing something green or a
6) If you have it (a meal) at 6, by the time you go to bed at 11 or 12, you are
7) Even Celtic culture, Celtic music isn’t that different from here…. And the
Irish have ___________ and cider.
8) Perhaps not such a big ______________.
9) It rains 10 times every day. It stops again and starts again…. It does, there
are lots of _______________.
10) Another stereotype about Irish people is that they have the
__________________, so they can talk forever.
11)The ___________ of Moher, 300 metres high, are worth visiting.

What do the teachers say about these things?

• St. Patrick
• Celebrating St.
Patrick’s Day
• Irish timetables
• Climate
• Drinking
• Drinking tea
• Suggestions for

Conversation Questions

• Have you ever been to Ireland? If not, would you like to visit it?
• What are some Irish stereotypes that you have heard? What are some
stereotypes of people from your country?
• Do you have any holidays like St. Patrick’s Day that are unique to your


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