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The English English Podcast S01E19

Glossary (in chronological order)

benefits – something that is an advantage
scientifically proven – there is scientific evidence to show that something is
sponsor (sponsorship) – a company or person who contributes money to an
activity or sport
season ticket – one ticket for a series of events/matches that costs less than
buying separate tickets.
a diehard fan – a person who continues to support a team in spite of opposition
willing – ready, prepared to do something
average – the median or typical value of something

Test your memory… (Or you can cheat and listen to some parts of the
podcast again!)

What were some of the benefits of sport, as discusses by the teachers?
What is the price of the most expensive season ticket in England (for Arsenal)?
What are two other sports, apart from football, that could be considered ‘a
national sport’ in Britain?

Conversation Questions

Do you do more or less sport now than when you were younger? Why / why not?
Which sports do you enjoy watching (live or on TV)? Why?
Some people suggest that people who are good at sport are not intelligent. What
do you think about this stereotype?


Did you know about these sports?

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