Academia de inglés en Oviedo con profesores nativos





boundary – the line that divides two areas
trick or treat – where children go to different houses and ask for sweets
dress up – wear special themed clothes to make you look like something else
carve – cut wood or something else with a knife into a particular shape
mischievous – causing annoyance or trouble
afraid – scared
haunted houses – a house that has ghosts or spirits in it

Match the words above with the sentences and listen to check.

1. In Celtic mythology it was the time when the ……. between the living and the dead, the worlds of
the living and the worlds of the dead were thinnest.
2. It was a common practice in the middle ages to ………… and go house to house and ask for
food in exchange for prayers for the dead and some people suggest that that, which was called
souling, is where ……… came from.
3. Usually what you do is you ………. pumpkins, you make Jack-o’-lanterns.
4. I think in the past it used to me more ……………
5. People like to feel ……….
6. We have ………… ………… , people will decorate an entire house

Comprehension questions

What’s the theme for Taylor School this Halloween?
Where does the word Halloween come from?
What types of tricks do people do in the US and UK?
How has Halloween changed in the US since the film ET?

Conversation questions

What do you usually do for Halloween?
How do you feel about children celebrating monsters and ghosts?
Why do you think Halloween is so popular in the US and other countries?


The history behind Halloween as John has told us.