Second meetings at work

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Second meetings at work

Taylor’s Business English Podcast

Episode 3 – First Meetings

In the role play I work for a training company and I have a meeting with John at his company to inform him about our products and services and hopefully to sell him something. But first I meet the receptionist.

B Hello Sir.

A Hi. I’m here to meet William Jones. I have an appointment for 10 o’clock.

B OK. I’ll call him and ask him to come to meet you. Hang on a moment please. Hello is that Mr Wyke? You have a visitor here for his 10 o´clock appointment…… right. Ok.
Take a seat he’ll be here in a minute. A Thanks
C Hello Daniel. Nice to meet you.

A Sorry I’m a bit early.

C No problem

A Thank you for seeing me William.

C It’s a pleasure. Would you like to follow me to one of our meeting rooms? A OK. Great.
C Take a seat Daniel. Is it Daniel or Dan?

A Most people call me Dan I suppose, but Daniel’s fine too. C Did you have any trouble finding us?
A No. You’re quite easy to find. It only took me 20 minutes to get here from Aviles. C Would you like a coffee or tea or anything?

A No thanks.

C So what is it exactly you’re company does?

A We specialise in staff training and team building. Have you ever experienced problems with unmotivated employees?
C Well I suppose so sometimes…

A This might be just what you’re looking for……. (fade out)


I’m here to meet William Jones Nice to meet you
Thank you for seeing me Would you like to follow me Take a seat
Did you have any trouble finding us?


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