Phone English 1

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Phone English 1

Taylor’s Business English Podcast

Episode 1: Phone English


So now I’m calling an accountant’s office.


accountant is someone who deals with the money and taxes for companies. The company is called Grey Suit Accountants and I’m calling from a company that sells printers to talk to Samantha about buying a printer from us. Here we go:

? Hello Grey Suit Accountants. How can I help you?
? Hello. This is Dave Taylor from Big Ink Printers. Could I speak to Samantha please?
? I’ll check if she’s available, could you hold the line for a moment?
? Yes, no problem.
? Hello. I’m afraid Samantha’s on the other line at the moment. Could I take I message?
? Ok. fine. Could you tell her that William Smith called from Big Ink Printers I’d like to know whether she received the email I sent her yesterday with our catalogue and prices. She can call me back on 654983102.
? I’ll just check the number. Is that 654983102?
? Yep.
? Ok. Mr Smith. I’ll let her know.
? Thanks a lot.
? Have a nice day.
? Bye.

Key phrases for answering the phone:

How can I help you? I’m afraid…
Can I take a message?

Key phrases for calling:

Could I speak to …? Could you tell her Thanks a lot


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