First meetings at work

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First meetings at work

Taylor Business English Podcast

Episode 4 – Formal meetings

Now we’re going to act out a face to face meeting. I work for a building company based in London. We’re preparing to start big building project in central london. The meeting is between the project manager, construction supervisor and the CEO of the building company. I’d like to welcome Lucy to the recording. Thank you for joining us to help us with our acting. I’m the construction supervisor, John is the the project manager and Lucy. Is the CEO of the construction company.

Lucy) Come in Dave. Please take a seat. Dave) Thanks.
Lucy) Would you like a coffee or something. Dave) No thanks I’ve just had one.
Lucy) Right let’s get started, shall we?. I presume you’ve both had a look at the agenda. Dave and John) Yes/Yep
Lucy) You’ve got a copy in front of you. Before we start, my secretary is on other business today so – Dave, could you take the minutes and email them to us when we’ve finished? Dave) OK. No problem.
Lucy) Thanks a lot. … The first item on the agenda is a progress report from John.
John) Right, so I’ll give you a rundown of where we’re at right now. Progress has gone well on clearance of the area. We’re about to start putting in the foundations.
Lucy) The important thing is whether the foundations be in by November?
Dave) As you know we started a few days behind because of problems with permission and paperwork but we’re on back on track now. We’ve got all the materials we need for the foundations and we’re going to start digging tomorrow morning.
Lucy) So does that mean it will definitely be done by the 1st of November? Dave) Yes. We’ll have it done by then.
John) We issue with the water pipes in the area……………………………….

Lucy) That’s everything on the agenda. Is there any other business? Dave) I think that covers just about everything.

John) When’s the next meeting?
Lucy) In a fortnight. Sometime before the 18th when I have a meeting with the board of directors. My secretary will call you with the time.
John) OK
Dave) I’ll email you the minutes this afternoon. Lucy) Great. Thanks, Bye.
John) See you later. Dave) Bye


1. could you take the minutes
2. The first item on the agenda is
3. I’ll give you a rundown of where we’re at
4. a few days behind
5. back on track
6. any other business


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