Human resources: Training

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Human resources: Training

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Human resources part 1 – training

Now it’s time for our role-play conversation.

I’m a human resources training manager in a big multinational company that makes chemical products and John is the sales manager for the north of Spain. We’re discussing his training options.
Dave) So John. How did you find the courses you did this year?

John) Well in January we all did the inhouse training for the new computer system. That was fine but I did think we could have done it in half the time. It really was pretty straight forward.
Dave) A lot of our staff have told us this and we’ll definitely take it into consideration when we’re planning the next company-wide courses. What was it exactly that you thought was unnecessary?
John) It would have saved a lot of time if we hadn’t had to do the practical assignments.. Most of them weren’t even related to our department.
Dave) OK. And how about the French classes you requested? Are you making any progress? John) Well the teacher is very nice but the classes don’t seem to have a real direction?
Dave) There are three of you in the group, aren’t there? Are you working towards specific objectives?
John) Well, we talked for a few minutes about what we wanted to do in the first class but then the teacher just started following the book. It’s a good book with interesting topics but it’s not really what we need for work. We’re supposed to be practising phone calls and emails but we haven’t started doing any of that.

Dave) And you’ve been going regularly to class?

John) I’ve been to every class. Don’t get me wrong, we are learning but the classes just don’t seem very focused.
Dave) That’s a common problem with language classes at work. Once I’ve spoken to everyone who has the classes, I’ll prepare a report for the company. What’s the name of your teacher? John) Claudine. But I don’t want her to get into trouble.. .She’s very nice and we are learning. Dave) Don’t worry. We just want to make sure we’re getting the most out of the classes. Would you like to continue the French classes into the new year?
John) Yes. If possible.

Dave) That should be fine, as long as your classmates want to continue. John) I’m think they’re quite keen to carry on.
Dave) And have you signed up for the teambuilding weekend?

John) Erm… not yet. I think I’ve got something pretty important on that weekend.

Dave) I understand, but you’re really encouraged to come along. It’s going to fun and don’t forget, it is looked upon positively if you participate in these things.
John) How long will it take?

Dave) We should be finished by 7 o’clock.

John) I’ll have a chat with my family and let you know. I already spend too little time with them, I don’t really want to be doing work things at the weekend.
Dave) This really is a chance to relax and have fun with your workmates. It’s not really work. But I do understand. A healthy work-life balance is the best way to be productive at work and enjoy your free time. I’ll leave it up to you. Are there any other courses you’d like to consider. Here’s a list of the 2 hour seminars we’ve got scheduled for Friday mornings. Pick out a couple you’re interested in.

John) Managing your boss. This looks like it might be pretty useful…

Dave) Yes.. I’m going to that one too. Maybe you could think about the equal opportunities seminar. We’re looking to get all our managers into one of these by next year.
John) Yeah.. That sounds good. Sign me up for that one too. And I think that’s enough… Just don’t tell my boss I’m going to learn to manage her!
Dave) I think she’s going to that one too..! Is there anything else you’d like to discuss? John) Not really.
Dave) Thanks a lot for coming in. and please let me know how the french classes are going in a month or two. Thanks.
John) Bye.

Key Phrases

inhouse training and company-wide courses

I did think we could have done it in half the time.

Don’t get me wrong

signed up for the teambuilding weekend A healthy work-life balance
Maybe you could think about the equal opportunities seminar.


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