Dealing with problems and complaints

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Dealing with problems and complaints

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Episode 5 – Dealing with Problems and Complaints

Now it’s time for our role-play conversation. Complaints are often done over the phone so that’s how we’re going to do present our situation today. I’m calling a company called Techy Tellies because I have a problem with the TV that’s been delivered through the post.

J) Techy Tellies Customer Services, how can I help you?

D) I’d like to make a compaint.

J) OK. Could you give me your name please sir?

D) I’m David Taylor and I bought a TV at your your shop in Townton the other day and it doesn’t work. And it arrived 4 days late. Honestly.
J) Right Mr Taylor. I understand your situation. Let me take a few more details and I’ll see what I can do to sort out the problem with your TV. Could you give me your address so I can find you on our system.
D) Yes. It’s 150 Welbeck Street, Hull, HU3 DNS


D) Yes.

J) OK. I have your information here. You bought the SR540 41 inch TV from us on 2nd October. That’s 12 days ago. And it was delivered yesterday afternoon.
D) That’s right but it was suppose to have been here last week. They said 10 day delivery when I bought it.

J) I do apologise for the misunderstanding, however the 10 day delivery is actually 10 working days that’s from Monday to Friday. Our sales team should have made that clear to you at the time of purchase.
D) If it says 10 days it should be 10 days. It doesn’t say working days on the advert in the window of the shop.
J) I’m afraid that if you look at the small print at the bottom you’ll see it does say 10 working days there. I understand it could be quite misleading.
D) Well the main problem is that it’s not working anyway.

J) Ok. Could you explain, step by step, what you did with the TV from when you opened the box to when you realised it wasn’t working.
D) Right. So I got it out of the box and plugged it into the wall socket. I plugged the aerial into the TV and tried to switch it on using the remote control and also using the button on the side of the TV and nothing happen. It just doesn’t switch on.
J) Fine. Could you try unplugging it all and plugging it in again now. I’ll wait while you do it.

D) I’ve already done that. Wait a moment I’ll try one more time.

D) Still nothing. The screen is just black.

J) Apart from not working, does the TV seem to be in a good condition? Was it damaged when you got it out of the box?
D) No. It doesn’t have any damage on the outside.

J) I’m afraid you’ll have to take the TV back to the shop where you bought it so they can have a look at it.
D) It won’t fit in my car. And anyway I think Techy Tellies should take responsibility and deal with the repair or replacment of the TV.

J) Right I’ll arrange for a delivery driver to collect the TV and take it to the nearest shop for servicing. I’m going to give you an incidents code. Have you got a peice of paper to write the code down on? It’s TMR 003981273.
D) So that’s TMR 003981273. Is that right?

J) Yes. The TV will be picked up tomorrow morning. Will you be at home?

D) Yep. I’ll be here. Could you tell me how long the repair or replacement will take?

J) A maximum of 4 working days from the moment we pick up the equipment. I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
D) No that’s all. Thank you.

J) Have a nice day.

D) Bye..

Useful Phrases

I understand your situation

Let me take a few more details I’ll see what I can do
I do apologise for the misunderstanding If you look at the small print
I understand it could be quite misleading