Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

The English English Podcast S01E13

Glossary (in chronological order)

Cards- a piece of paper people use to write on and send notes to others
Teenage- the adolescent years, between the ages of 13 and 19
Table for two- the table you ask for in a restaurant if you are on a date
Speed dating- an organized activity where people meet others and find potential
partners by having short conversations with different people
A loved one- someone that you care for, a family member or close friend
Fundraisers- an event to raise money, usually for charity
Carnations- a typical flower, usually red, pink or white, given on Valentine’s Day
Have a crush on someone- when you adore someone, usually when you first meet
Over commercialized- something that is designed mainly to make money

Listen and put the words above into the sentences below

1) It’s _____ and flowers really.
2) It seems to be more of a ______ and young people thing.
3) Dinner in restaurants, maybe lots of little ____________.
4) __________ nights are popular around Valentine’s.
5) In Britain, it is literally just to your ____________ ____.
6) They do ___________, but you buy a flower, either a rose or a ____________
7) You send red if you _______ __ ________ on someone.
8) People in the UK often complain that it’s __________ ___________ and is all about
selling things.

Write the definitions for these phrasal verbs then put them in the order of a
typical relationship.

__ Go out with ___________________________________________________________________
__ Split up ___________________________________________________________________
__ Break up with ___________________________________________________________________
1 To hit on To flirt with someone to show that you are attracted to them_____
__ Ask out ___________________________________________________________________
__ Cheat on ___________________________________________________________________
__ Get together ___________________________________________________________________
Settle down ___________________________________________________________________

Conversation Questions

What is your favorite romantic film?
Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Why or why not?
Describe your perfect Valentine’s Day date.
What should single people do on Valentine’s Day?


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