Would you rather…?

Would you rather…?

Our ESO students did a fascinating scientific survey to find out the what the class would rather do. Here are the results:

Would you prefer to kiss Little Nicolas or a snake?
70% Snake
30% Little Nicolas

Would you rather be friends with Justin Bieber or Gemeliers?
50% Justin Bieber
50% Gemeliers

Would you rather work in a zoo with crocodiles or a zoo with Rajoys?
82% Crocodiles
18% Rajoys

Would you prefer to marry Justin Bieber or Pablo Iglesias?
50% Pablo Iglesias
50% Justin Bieber

Would you rather go to Antarcitica for one year or kiss Belen Esteban?
75% Kiss Belen Esteban
25% Go to Antarctica

Would you rather kiss Selena Gomez or Ariana Grande?
75% Selena
25% Ariana

Would you prefer to kiss Maggie (the Zombie from the film Maggie) or Mila Ximenez?
82% Maggie
18% Mila Ximenez