Are you an idiot?

academia de inglés en Oviedo

Are you an idiot?

Our secondary students prepared a questionnaire to find out if you’re an idiot.

1) If you were rich what would you buy?
A) A big house
B) A helicopter
C) A car made of gold

2) If you get 0 on an exam what do you do?
A) I don’t tell anyone
B) I say that I passed
C) I tell my parents that I got a 0

3) You go to a shop without money…
A) You pay with a credit card
B) You don’t buy anything
C) You take off all your clothes and you try to use them as money

4) An English person asks for directions and you don’t speak in English…
A) You indicate with sign language
B) You say it in Spanish
C) You invent a language

5) What would you prefer to eat?
A) A spider with the flavor of a fly
B) A fly with the flavor of a spider
C) A worm with the flavor of Justin Bieber

6) What would you prefer?
A) To meet the love of your life
B) To win 10 million euros
C) To win 500 euros and meet a girlfriend or boyfriend but they aren’t the love of your life.

7) If you want a pet what pet would you buy?
A) Adopt a rescued dog or cat
B) A giraffe
C) An alien

8) At school your friend tells someone that you love them – which is a lie. What would you do?
A) You get angry
B) You hit your friend
C) You ask her out

9) Your in a museum staeling the Mona Lisa and the security guards are coming. What do you do?
A) You dress up as one of them
B) You confess
C) You get undressed and pretend to be a modern statue

More As = You’re not much of an idiot.
More Bs = You’re a bit of an idiot.
More Cs = I really are a total idiot.